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In between of the lockdowns

When I was thinking about current situation, first of all I thought about 65+ people for whom life outside the home remains dangerous. I began to pay attention to them, and noticed that they almost always, unlike younger people, wear a mask or even gloves. I decided to explore their lives through my russian film camera Zenit, the image of which is technically familiar to us and unconsciously sending back to the time when these people were young. The camera of their youth .. At the same time, this is a kind of “Russian view” of in-between-quarantine London.

I filmed for several months and saw how these older people are in love with life.  With such a pleasure they drink their coffee in a cafe. It even seemed to me with much greater pleasure than I do! How beautiful they dressed when they go out. How dearly they love their mate.


These observations turned into series of photographs.

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