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Valya Korabelnikova is a portrait and theatre production photographer based in London. She has documentary and experimental filmmaking background.


In her works she concentrates on seeing the spiritual in the ordinary. She explores how our daily life is connected with our subconscious and dreams, how reality and fiction are inseparable from each other. 


After 5 years of work on one of the largest international experimental projects DAU by Ilya Khrzhanovsky which included 14 films, 4 series, 1,5 million photographs, visual and audio installations, performances, live concerts, academic conferences, shamanic rituals and more. Among other participants, such artists as Marina Abramovich, Romeo Castellucci, Peter Sellars, Brian Eno, Teodor Currentzis were involved in the project. Valya has experience not only with large scope of work and high standards, but also with conceptual ideas implemented experimentally.


In the persistent uniformity and indifference of the modern world, Valya values reflecting what is personal and sincere in every project. Each is a result of a careful choice from a variety of different photographic techniques, rare lenses, and hand-printing techniques, that are selected to reflect the projects' unique nature and atmosphere.

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