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In conversation with Spirits

In conversation with Spirits

The question of death is always directly related to the question of life.

I'm working on this project for 1,5 years now, trying to get a feel for different beliefs and my relationship to them. I’m making series of photos, when red thread connects real world and world of spirits on the photograph. 

1_20220527_spirit of the city_3D4A4121.jpg

City Demon

Inspired by Japanese photographers, I made a series of photos about London. In addition to external beauty, in my opinion, there is a lot of ancient and dark in this city, which does not treat everyone pleasantly. It is a large and complex city. I love not only the outer beauty in him, but also this complex and strong inner demon.

The series consists of several photo shoots filmed in the controversial Soho.

Photo competition

In between of the lockdowns

“Russian view” of in-between-quarantine London.

I filmed for several months and saw how these older people are in love with life.  With such a pleasure they drink their coffee in a cafe. It even seemed to me with much greater pleasure than I do! How beautiful they dressed when they go out. How dearly they love their mate.


This series won 1st prize in Zima photo competition.


Objects. Magic of point of view

Experiments with object photography.

The Gallery in the wind

The Gallery in the Wind

During this interesting time, whilst we are globally locked in at home, I have come to really miss the usual freedoms of exploring and experiencing open spaces, travelling outside of my community and the enactment with physical objects sans disinfectant. I suspect that the feeling is mutual.

Through these feelings I decided to create The Gallery in the Wind. Where, through printed photographs, I would like to take you on a journey to distant countries that for us in the near and present future is impossible. 

On a road

On a road

I am mesmerized by the inner feeling that arises on a long journey.  A road always leads from ‘somewhere’ to somewhere’. A road is a borderline state, purgatory.  A place where you can finally be with yourself.  At the same time, it is absolutely impossible to be physically somewhere in one place, because you are constantly moving.

A journey destroys the illusion of being able to describe the world around.

Booklets and journals

Booklets and journals

Printed booklets and journals.

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