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There exists an inner force inside of us to create ideals and share them with others. Perhaps, it is a part of human nature: we feel comfortable knowing there is someone who shares our faith. It grants us a promise to be united with others somewhere far, just on the basis of a belief.

The more, the better. However, once we get closer, we realise that despite a supposedly shared ideal, we don’t understand each other. Too many personal distinctions get in the way.

To me, an idea of shared ideal is utopic.

Birds symbolise an ideal which one cannot divide nor share with others. A flap of their wings promises me a wonder, yet the wonder never comes. Looking at them taking off, I freeze in anticipation that remains unfulfilled. Yet, it is satisfying, because I have the humility to accept I will never catch it and put it in a cage. I will only remain a spectator.

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