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The Gallery in the Wind.


24 November - 2  December.

The second lockdown was not long in coming.

I miss real objects, open galleries and the ability to look at art not only from my computer screen. So I made a gallery in the Wind - a safe space to share real objects.

I hope it will inspire the local community of artists to share their art too.


15 May-25 May.

During this interesting time, whilst we are globally locked in at home, I have come to really miss the usual freedoms of exploring and experiencing open spaces, travelling outside of my community and the enactment with physical objects sans disinfectant. I suspect that the feeling is mutual.


Through these feelings I decided to create The Gallery in the Wind. Where, through printed photographs, I would like to take you on a journey to distant countries that for us in the near and present future is impossible. 


And since under the present circumstances physical travel is not possible, I suggest that we travel within our souls. I would like this journey to be a collaborative endeavour other local artists. Please write if you would like to hang your photos and if you need help with printing and hanging - help is available.

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